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Gino Wong (b, 2000) is a Chinese multimedia artist based in London and  Guangzhou. His works have been exhibited internationally in China and UK and purchased by HUAWEI, With a Master’s Degree in Fine Art Printmaking and a background of media study, his works concern the distortion and inauthenticity brought by the mass media in the modern era and attempt to rebuild a reciprocal relation between the human body and the living world, creating works in printmaking, painting, performance, and writing,

He works with printmaking performance, video, installation, and writing.



Spectrum, Barge House, (London) 21/4/2023-23/4/2023

Force of Small,FILET Space, (London) 3/3/2023-7/3/2023

Degreee Show, MA FINE ART, Camvberwell College of Arts (London) 3/7/2020-8/3/2023

Making Coversation, A.P,T Gallery (London) 16/11/2020-19/11/2023

Exchange Station,Aedra Fine Arts,(Online) April/2024

Third Edition, Boomer Gallery, London 2022

Contemporary Third Edition,Boomer Gallery,(London) 10/6/2022- 15/6/2022

Postwave Art Fair,Yue Gallery, Beijing (2021) 01/05/2021-05/05/2021

Beojoint Illustration Fair, Guangzhou (2021) 13/08/2021-15/08/2021

Graduates Art Fair Wuhan, Wuhan Internation Conference & Exhibition Center, China (Wuhan)2021 09/10/2021-17/10/2021

GMT/CET Asian Young Artist Exhibition,Marell House, (London) 24/11/2021-28/11/2021


Performance And Self-portrayal -- a dialog and publication,

April 2024, Artwork Gallery, Perinal Interview with Gino Wong :

June, 2022, Gradyates Art Fair,「365 Project」Masr Head :\Xuanjuan Huang,「365星计划」封面人物丨黄炫俊:探索物质世界以外最“真实”的世界的样子:

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