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Artist's Statement

GINO WONG (黄 炫俊)

My research draws on phenomenology and intersubjectivity. I consider phenomenology as a way of overcoming alienation and inauthenticity in our society under neoliberal market economics and commodity fetishism.

I create works concerning human relationships with nature and social structure. Our intersubjective experiences were constructed upon bodily interaction, with people around, nature and art, we cannot, nevertheless, experience such relation in commercial advertisement, conspiracy, and explicit or implicit political propaganda brought by the increasingly widespread Internet and stream media. Data analysis and algorithms which constantly pursuing efficiency, have now become the underlying foundation determining people’s mindset today, Therefore, I attempt to reconnect the human body and the actual world we are inhabiting in, 

Postwave Air Fair, Beijing May 2021
Beojoint Illustration Fair, Guangzhou August 2021
Graduates Art Fair Wuhan, China, September 2021 
GMT/CET Asian Young Artist Exhibition,London England, November 2021
Contemporary third edition, London England, June 2022
Progression, London England, July 2022


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