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East London Socialist Value (2023)
Socially Engaged Practice
Brick Lane London
Started from 4th August 2023

East London Socialist Value

The Socialist Core value was firstly promoted in China in 2012, as a desirable system of values of the nation. The work is my attempt to de-politicalize which in many people’s eyes’ a political propaganda, but to return to the signifier themselves. Those 24 words, which representing Prosperity, Democracy, Civility, Harmony, Freedom, Equality, Justice, Rule of Law, Patriotism, Dedication, Integrity, Friendship, respectively, are valid and universal values for all mankind. I tried to bring these universal values into a reputed free area, in both positive and negative sense, and see the dynamics and responses form different culture and ideology. 

I think that any ideology or system of value could be meaningful only when it has been “thrown” into a bigger narrative. ‘“You must throw yourself, Herr Onion, into the finest pot of soup you can find. As an onion-in-soup, you will discover your true identity. As you are care for the soup, as you fill the entire pot with the favor of onion-ness, you will experience an incredible authenticity.”’Mark C, Witney wrote in his essay being as Onion: A Heideggerian Parable.


Question Mark on the rule of law


As our group were getting finish on the morning of 5th August, we found that our belongings were stolen, including one camera, two computer and even our red spray paint. I was so angry about the  public security so that I paint a question mark on the characters of “Rule of Law”. Ironically, our group have just receive penalty notes from the local council, and the place came. 


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