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Untile  (2024)

In an era where images is the main media of communication, the photographed and documented events and people are in a constant state of being gazed at and consumed, and works of art have also become financial instruments in the capital market. Artists, curators, and viewers disappear from the exhibition space simultaneously, leaving only the artworks that have been quantified and integrated into the capital system.


In this series of paintings, I attempt to juxtapose everyone who participated in the full process of artwork, artist, viewers, curators, and people who install the work, on a two-dimensional surface, and at the same time empower the work of art the capability that resist its destiny of being objectified and capitalized. A photographer and viewer cannot take a perfect picture of the work and post it online, as there will be other viewers and the exhibition space in such picture. I hope to rebuild the relationship among viewers, space, and paint, and terminate the image of perfection of art on social media and capital market.

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